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Service & Maintenance


Drain and Acid Wash                   Prices vary on pool size, please call for a quote
Start up pool only                        $175.00
Start up pool & spa                      $200.00
Start up pool with one hour debris removal   $250.00
Start up pool & spa with one hour debris removal  $275.00
    Any additional cleaning after one hour will be billed at $95 per hour

Removal and cleaning of cover is an added expense

Scheduled Service

Scheduled Service does not include the price of chemicals used in your pool, those amounts will be billed in addition.

One time per week                       $275.00 per Month plus chemicals
Two times per week                     $385.00 per Month plus chemicals
Winter Scheduled Service:             $87.50 per Month plus chemicals

Service Calls

Standard Service Call:                    $105.00

Closing & Winterization

Winterize Pool:                             $185.00
    Lower water level, blow out lines, remove deck equipment and install antifreeze

Install Mesh Cover*:                      $100.00
Install Water Bag/Solid Cover*:      $122.50
    *Some covers require extra time to install and will be billed at $70 per man hour.

Winterize Attached Spa:                  $55.00
Winterize Detached Spa:                 $85.00
    (Separate equipment)